We know there are a lot of other prison penpal websites, so who needs one more, right? Well, THE PRISONERS DO! The average prisoner’s salary in the United States is a mere $.93 a day–that’s less than $1 per day! And the average prison penpal website charges a minimum of $50.

Nearly two months’ salary (if no other expenses or deductions are taken out of your paychecks) in order to place an ad for six-months is hard to justify. It doesn’t seem right to feed off of the loneliness of a vulnerable population. Prisoners are shut off from the world, with only the same people to talk to day after day, and they seek contact with the outside world: they just want a chance to feel more human.

Our affordable profiles start at only $5 for a basic, three-month ad; $10 for a basic, six-month ad; $17.50 for a basic, one-year ad; and $30 for a basic, two-year ad.

We operate as a nonprofit organization, and we created this website because we’ve had friends and family behind bars. We know how frustrating it can be for nearly EVERYTHING to be too expensive because of your peonage prison wages, so our website operates on the goodwill of its staff to run. We also supplement our budget from donations and contributions when available. Because we’re not trying to make money off of your loneliness, we can pass that saving direct to you. We want to help you connect with people in the free world, and our Basic ads* are an affordable way for that to happen.


P.O. Box 75594
Seattle, WA. 98175

* Basic ad profile is 250 Words and 1 Picture.