James Andrews

  • June 25, 2020 7:33 pm
  • South Dakota

Hello from the underground! Coming to you live from one of America’s finest confines, where everything is drab and grey. Let me tell ya, I really need some color in my life.

I’m searching for diversity, subculture, counterculture, odd, crazy, different, fun, whatever. I’m down to write anybody, everybody. Welcome to my circus!

A little about me… I’m an outlaw poet, writing nonstop. Check out this poem:

Soul Asunder
Engaged in an epic fight
of which is told hereunder.
In the darkest hour of the night
there came a beast from under.An enemy invisible to sight
echoing therein like thunder.
Fear and sorrow forthright
causing my soul to sunder.Wherefore came this blight
is all my mind could wonder.
And it took all my might
to save my mind from plunder.

Whereupon it reached its height
causing my mind to blunder.
I could not fight this plight
wherewith a soul asunder.

I’m a super nerd – I love psychology, sociology, and English (duh!) Last spring I earned my Associates degree in science from Ohio University. Here in the prison, I teach G.E.D. classes to help my fellow convicts better themselves. I love literature, art, and music with every ounce of my soul. – I know! I’m such a dork!

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Can’t wait to meet you!

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