Riva Subia

  • February 4, 2023 5:30 pm
  • West Virginia

Hi, my name is Riva. I am looking for new friends and pen-pals. Things about me, I love to work out and break a good sweat. I’m into astrology and compatibility is important to me in friendships and love. I enjoy writing and conversing about life’s mysteries, dreams, human behavior, and the mind.

I would like to meet people from different ethnic backgrounds. I am also very open-minded and intuitive sensitive, so if your interested please don’t hesitate to contact or write me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile… Riva Subia


Conviction(s): Distribution of a Controlled Substance
Snail Mail:
Riva Subia #68987-380
FPC Alderson

Glen Ray Rd. Box A
Alderson, WV 24910
United States



  • Category : Age (41-45)
  • I am : A Woman
  • Seeking : A Man
  • For : Conversation, Friendship
  • Date of Birth : 10/29/1981
  • Can Receive Email : Yes
  • Email Platform : Other
  • Email Platform : GettingOut.com
  • Ethnicity : Hispanic
  • Sexual Orientation : Straight
  • Death Row : No
  • Expected Release Date : 04/29/2029